10 proven ways to be incredibly happy

Each of us wants to be happier, but is it really possible? It is possible, however, it is depended on what makes us happier and whether this thing is easily achievable. As I know, many of us are interested in life stories of people who have won lotteries. However, we often understand that money is not necessarily lucky. Maybe sometimes for a short period of time… I will try to show you another ways to be happy.

Life can be rude. There are some days when it’s just terrible. There are many situations in your life that make you have to give up your dreams and follow a different path. There are some moments when someone breaks your heart. You can often feel like a doormat.

What makes us happy?

1. Stop accusing others of your failures

There is nothing worse than steady groaning how bad your life is. Your family has done this and that, and you cannot find a normal boyfriend or girlfriend. It is easy to blame the world around you … but why? Take your life in your hands.

2. Do not be afraid of spontaneity

An unplanned weekend trip, a sudden change of flat, a call to a friend you have not seen for ages … I do not know why people are so afraid of spontaneous decisions. This is what is great in our lives! Do something completely crazy. For example, if you are afraid of bungee jumping, surprise your partner and bell the cat!

3. Start to appreciate the trifles

Appreciate every little moment, every little pleasure you have. Think about a nice book you have read, cake you have eaten or trip you have been to. Appreciate every little success, even if passing a Maths test or cooking something is easy for you. Take pictures to capture beautiful life moments. Silly selfie, a hundred animal photos, good food, clouds in a different shape. Make yourself smile.

4. Be optimistic!

It is worth practising optimism and setting yourself some positive results. You should always try to find the best aspects in people, situations and unpredictable circumstances. You do not have to see everything in pink colours, but there are always two sides of the same coin that you should see. Focus on what is good around you. Optimistic thoughts are usually self-fulfilling. When people are optimistic and believe that something good comes from something, they are more resilient when they encounter some difficulties and obstacles.

5. Do not compare yourself to other people

Concentrate on your life and what you want to achieve. There is nothing worse than comparing yourself to another members of family, friends or famous people. If you do it, stop immediately in order not to be depressed. You have only one life so think about your things and your future. If you are happy and fulfilled, it does not matter what other people do. Trust me, you will be happier without making comparisons.

6. Become a volunteer.

According to the psychologists, helping others increases happiness. Get involved in something that is important to you. People are more happy when they are able to help, for example homeless people or abandoned animal. In 2010 researches did an experiment. 50 people were given some money in the morning. Then they were divided into two groups. One of them was supposed to spend it on shopping for themselves and the second group – for other people. People who spent their money on themselves did not feel the sense of happiness. But those who did shopping for poor people rated their happiness much higher.

7. Find your hobbies.

One of the best ways to achieve happiness is to find passion in your life. What are you really interested in? What do you like to do more than anything else in your life? Find out what it is and make your life more interesting. I remembered that I was impressed by Italian culture and language. I thought I was too old to learn another things, but I made my dreams come true. One day I did an Italian course and now I live in Venice. That is my passion. I am really happy here!

8. Live your present life!

If you want to be happier, you should live the here and now. It’s good to plan the future, but worrying about the assumed problems and thinking about how it will be” means that you are losing every day of your life. It will make you really unhappy.

9. Accept your life and yourself!

Learn to accept what you cannot change. Try to let things go even if you cannot control them. Remember that nothing is perfect.

10. Like yourself!

Finally, if you want to be happy, you must increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. You will only achieve it by loving yourself. What’s more, you should be nice and forgiving to yourself and I am sure you will feel happier and more satisfied with your life.

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