Cold and flu season

We live in a temperate climate zone so it is normal that the weather changes every day. However, are we strong enough in order to fight with cold and flu? It is worth remembering that every season is different too. Let’s focus on this issue.

Early spring is a time when it is really easy to get colds in our country. This is the period when the first rays of sunshine appear and a large part of people want to take their warm kits off as fast as possible. Winter jackets are changed to spring coats instantly. However, people often regret their rash decisions, especially when the frosty evening comes and the temperatures fall several degrees down. Suddenly, you can feel the change of temperature. In the results, a large part of people complain of severe weakness, headaches, throats and a runny nose in this period. When the disease is still at an early stage, it can be easily defeated by drugs, which combines paracetamol, pheniramine and vitamin C. Many people feel a real relief after taking this kind of remedies.

During the summer, colds appear very rarely. It happens only when people are not aware of weather conditions or they just make some stupid decisions, for example bathing in cold water. In autumn, the number of diseases, such as cold or flu, is rapidly growing. It is caused by the fall in temperature after hot summer. People are used to flimsy clothes. In September, it is worth dressing in layers. You should just choose warm waterproof clothing, warm coat, scarf and gloves. During the autumn period, there are less and less sunny days and there is more and more rain and hail. The leaves are getting colourful and then they fall down completely. The days get shorter and more frosty. Therefore, in the autumn it is worth taking care of your immunity by eating healthy, sleeping and taking up physical activity.

Winter is the coldest period of the year. It is mainly a period associated with Christmas and snow. At this time of year, there is no way to go outside without a hat, scarf and gloves. What’s more, winter boots and a winter jacket are a must! Although temperatures are the lowest in this time, you should also eat warm meals more than usual.

If you feel that the infection has caught you, do not wait until the disease develops. Below, I provided you some simple ways to treat colds and flu.

Viruses do not like high temperatures, that’s why you should lay in a bed under the warm sheets. You can also start with a hot bath. It will raise the body temperature and microorganisms will go away. You can add a few drops of pine or thyme oil to your water too. Before you put on pyjamas, you can lubricate your chest and feet with a warming ointment. It is recommended to put on wooden socks and go to bed with a mug of warm tea with raspberry juice. If you sweat at night, change your clothes, drink again the warm tea and go to sleep.

Save yourself for treatment. The body will deal with viruses faster if you limit your daily activities. Therefore, stay at your home for 1-2 days to avoid cold temperatures and other spreading germs. If this is not possible, isolate yourself from colleagues and slow down. The world will not stop existing without you. Take care of your workplace. After returning home, take a lot of rest and use drugs.

Eat light meals. It is worth eating 4-5 times a day because he body does not waste your energy on digestion. Ensure that the meals are nutritious and digestible. Doctors and grandmothers recommend chicken broth. It warms you up perfectly. It is said that chicken broth is a good remedy for runny nose, cough and sore throat. You should add garlic to the broth because it works as anti-inflammatory drug. What’s more, you can add parsley because it contains vitamin C.

When you are still feeling bad, you should see the doctor. Especially when the symptoms are getting worse, for example fever is above 38 °C, the cough lasts over 4 days, there is a rash or your back hurts near the kidneys. Remember, that the Internet is not a doctor and you should not research for remedies here. You have got just one life.

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