Healthy eating in the summer

Summer has come into our daily routine for good. Now, we are boosted by positive energy. We do not dress in layers, we like spending time outdoors and we are very happy when we can catch the rays of sunshine. Summer time is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for a healthful renewal of the body. I suppose that there is no need to be convinced that taking care of a healthy lifestyle nowadays is getting more and more important.

First of all a balanced diet.

I think that this is now the best time to take care of yourself and your diet too. Easily available fresh vegetables and fruits allow us to diversify our daily menu. According to the diet doctors, it is worth paying attention to what we eat because the diet should be well balanced to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to our body. The new way of eating should make us feel light and healthy, however you should not overdo it. Why? A radical diet is not a good idea to lose unnecessary kilos, because it can cause stress and irritability. What’s more, it can lead us to the yo-yo effect. Properly well-balanced daily menu will surely make us be in a great mood and let us forget about feeling of heaviness and lack of energy. The first step to change your eating habits for the better ones is to eat five small meals a day. Thanks to this, we provide a constant supply of glucose to the body and we protect ourselves from a sudden sense of hunger, which is difficult to control. In such situations, most often we reach for a caloric snack, for example a chocolate bar or sweets and we provide excess empty calories, which are not needed for our body. And the next step to a healthy diet is just avoiding sweets, fizzy drinks and the fast-food. Sweet, carbonated drinks can be easily replaced with water with lemon and mint or natural, freshly squeezed fruit juices which can be done at home. Thanks to this, we can slake our thirst and avoid unnecessary sugars and harmful food preservatives.

In summer, the diet should be rich in seasonal vegetables and fruits, which are a good source of numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that neutralize radicals and fibre. There is usually a lack of many valuable minerals and vitamins in our bodies. Scientists agree that much more benefits come from eating vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidant vitamins than from their supplementation. There are no supplements which can replace a well-balanced diet. Therefore, we can prepare delicious and healthy cocktails and desserts. You are able to create colourful compositions using a blender, mixing fruits and vegetables that are easily available in the summer, for example peaches, watermelons and berries. We should also remember to consume healthy carbohydrates such as: wholemeal bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, cereal and porridge. While we are preparing meals, it is worth limiting the consumption of fried products, replacing them with steamed, roasted or grilled ones.

Summer is also a good time to limit salt. Salt, consumed in excess, may cause water retention in the body and lead to many serious diseases, such as hypertension, stroke or even stomach cancer. We must remember that salt is hidden in most food products, for example fast food, crisps, ready-made meals, smoked products, sausages and bread. Even if you never reach for a salt cellar, your meal can contain a high level of sodium. You also need to be aware that if your food is not so salty, it does not mean that it does not contain any health destroying sodium. At the beginning, let’s buy a healthiersalt, for example sea salt. Finally, we can replace it with herbs – fresh and dried, which at this time of the year we can grow in our gardens.

Let vegetables and fruit stay fresh. An important aspect of healthy eating, which we often forget about, is the proper storage of food. We should keep them in the proper cool conditions because vegetables and fruits do not lose vitamins there. It is important not to wash them immediately after the purchase, but only just before eating them. In this way, they will keep their values a bit longer. It is also important to protect them from heat and insects too. To sum up, we have to keep vegetables and fruit in the fridge or in a special box.

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