Pregnancy Facts and Myths

Hair dyeing, eating sushi, cleaning a flat, lifting heavy items or drinking a glass of wine for a dinner? Are these things possible during the pregnancy? In this article, we will explode the myths and we will speak simply about what is permitted in pregnancy and what we should absolutely beware of.

1. Can you eat sushi when you are pregnant?

According to the doctors, pregnant should definitely avoid eating raw or undercooked meat including all kinds of fish. However, you can eat vegetarian sushi or sushi with a cooked fish. It will be completely safe.

2. Can you drink coffee?

If you cannot imagine starting the day without drinking a cup of coffee, you don’t have to quit doing it! Drinking coffee during pregnancy is not a crime. You can easily drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day. The safe daily dose of caffeine in pregnancy is 200 mg.

3. Can you dye your hair?

It is obvious that dying hair is a chemical process which influences on our body directly. So that, pregnant must not use hair dyes which include ammonia. It is especially important in the first trimester of pregnancy. The intense smell of ammonia can cause nausea and other sickness. Ammonia can also be the cause of development of the children’s allergies after the birth. However, it has not been confirmed yet. In many kinds of chemists’s, there are herbal preparations, delicate hair dyes and henna for hair that are much safer for the fetus from ones with ammonia. It is worth remembering that each pregnant has a duty to inform a hairdresser about pregnancy. If you are responsible mother-to-be, you can arrange your visit during the hours, when the hairdresser will not do hair dyeing to another customer. Do not be ashamed to ask to open the window or turn on the air conditioning when you feel the intense smell of ammonia in the hairdressing salon.

4. Can you eat eggs?

Yes of course! Eggs are the source of many vitamins and amino acids, which are especially significant. They are worth its weight in gold. It is worth buying eggs from a known and salmonella-free breeding. You should eat hard-boiled or fried eggs. It is a good idea to prepare a scrambled egg with some vegetables. What if you dream about eating soft-boiled egg? If the egg comes from a reliable breeding, the risk of salmonella infection is low. Eating eggs with semi-liquid egg yolks should not cause any danger.

5. Can you drink a glass of wine?

Any, even the smallest amount of alcohol in pregnancy can harm your baby. What if you did not know you were pregnant and you drank alcohol at the party? Easy, the embryo is immune to external factors, including alcohol, for the first two weeks after fertilization. It is only between 15-60 days after fertilization that large amounts of alcohol can be harmful to the embryo. This is the most important period in its development and it is then very sensitive to toxic substances.

6. Can you eat blue cheese?

Read the cheese composition before putting it in the shopping trolley. Choose the one that was made from pasteurized milk. Avoid all products from previously pasteurized milk – yogurt, buttermilk and kefir with a short best-before date from production. Milk „straight from the cow”, and its preserves may contain bacteria so that it is dangerous for the mother and the fetus.

7. Can you smoke cigarette?

If you smoke cigarette and plan your pregnancy at the same time, throw them away immediately! Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth and also congenital defects in a child. Beware of any amount of nicotine during pregnancy. Avoid also places where people smoke.

8. Can you travel by plane?

If you are in a healthy and early pregnancy – there are no contraindications to get on board the plane and fly to the desired holiday. The problem may occur in advanced pregnancy. Avoid travelling just before the due date. What’s more, there are many regulations in which you can find some information about the using airline services during the pregnancy. Check it before planning your holiday!

9. Can you drink fizzy drinks?

Carbonated water is often the best remedy for morning and evening sickness in early pregnancy. When it comes to sweet carbonated drinks, their consumption is never recommended, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. Although, a small bottle of a sweet, carbonated drink once in a few days should not be toxic to the fetus in a healthy pregnancy. However, it is worth remembering that drinking such drinks can affect your skin or brain work. So it’s better to stay away from them.

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