The problem of obesity among young children

According to the dieticians, every diet, especially for children and older adults, should be chosen individually. Choosing appropriate diet and set the nutritional needs of a growing child should depend on age, sex, physical activity and the prevalence of obesity in child’s family. Younger children who are overweight should not choose reducing and low-energy diets. Therefore, it is worth following the principles which are contained in the healthy nutrition pyramid. What’s more, young children should avoid sweets and snacks but increase physical activity. Thanks to that we are able to limit unnecessary kilogrammes without affecting the child’s physical growth. For older children or teenagers with obesity it is recommended to choose a balanced diet. It is worth remembering that what your child has on his plate affects not only his current growth and development, but also for adult life. A healthy diet in childhood can protect our child from obesity and other civilization diseases in adulthood.

In order to choose proper child’s diet, dieticians should learn about the nutritional habits of the whole family. It’s a good idea if for a few days, including even one weekend, the child’s parents will note what and how much their child eats per a day. It is some kind of nutritional diary which is getting more and more popular among families around the world. The teenager can keep this kind of diary by themselves. However, the information about the quantity and quality of food which is consumed by the child should be gathered in a reliable way. It means that parents must be honest. Trust me that the nutritional diary is the best basis for modifying the diet by doctors or dieticians. It is the source of information.

Wonder diets do not exist!

As I wrote before, it is very important that adults do not cheat themselves or their children about effects of losing the weight. They should not promise that their child that he will lose weight in a week or a month. Every short-term miracle diet may even cause dehydration of the body. What’s more, it often leads to slow the basic metabolism down. To sum up, it will be an adverse effect. The diet in the treatment of children’s obesity must be a balanced. What does it mean? It is anything but diet with reduced calories. Dietaries’ recommendations should be very simple, understandable and easy to use in daily life. So that, parents have to be responsible for implementation of the doctor’s tips into child’s life. The diet should be varied, tasty and not very expensive. Moreover, every meal should be easy to prepare.

Be careful for what you eat!

It is important to choose products or ingredients which are essential for the body and do not contain any empty calories at the same time. From cereal products, such as whole wheat bread, cereal, rice or wheat pasta, to dairy products, yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk or cottage cheese. It is also essential to implement meat too. You and your kid should eat poultry, turkey or fish. The source of protein will be also found in beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas. The other aspect of balanced diet is eating a lot of vegetables every day. For desserts, we can provide fruit to our organism. It is worth eating fruit 2-3 times a day. dieticians recommend drinking water, approximately 2-3 litres a day.

What should be avoided?

Many kinds of different snacks, which will provide a large amount of calories, sugars or trans fats that are really harmful for our bodies. For instance, one snickers bar may contain as much sugar as approximately 1.10 kg of carrots. So that, sweets, cakes, fast-food and fizzy drinks should be avoided in everyday nutrition. Especially in child’s diet.

Be an active person!

Regular physical activity should last about 30-60 minutes every day. According to the fitness specialists, it is more beneficial for us to reduce kilogrammes by less intense activity and longer lasting than using the same amount of energy in more intense exercises. That is why many personal trainer recommend aerobic activity, swimming or Pilates.

To sum up, I will give you some additional tips:

eat vegetables and fruits every day
avoid fizzy drinks and sugar
make fresh fruit juices at home
do not reward your child with sweets
buy whole wheat baker’s good
replace the ice cream with sorbets

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